Day Trading

Index Trading can be used to generate an income from the market. Orders are easily positioned and executed, stops can be guaranteed, and we can use the Index in short or long time frames to trade in both directions. There is always an opportunity to make money in the Index. And best of all - it is an even playing field - if anything small traders have an advantage here, as long as they understand the nature of an Index market.

The Trading Work Book (TWB) in IC Investor is published every morning with a market update, including trades that Jody will be taking each day. This is an important learning aid to see what trades Jody is doing and when. It is a powerful reminder for individual days such as 1st Monday of the Month, RBA Tuesday, Options Thursday, and important patterns in the Australian market and the International market that will affect the Australian day market.

The Course will also cover some FTSE trades as well as clarification on S&P trades including expectations for years, months, and days. Focus is on placing trades and stops and the day course will look at placing orders, stops, guaranteed stops, and order positioning relating to the trades covered in the booklet.

This is a course designed for new Day Traders with limited or no experience and veteran Day Traders. It is targeted at people who want to trade daily and want to SPECIALISE in INDEX TRADING.

Monday 1st August 2022 | 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Sydney, NSW

Day Trading