Day Trading

Generate a Daily Income from Index Trading

Why Trade an Index?

The Australian Index is the ideal Index to trade. It is the "Goldilox" Index that is not too BIG and not too SMALL. It is just the right size to see where institutions engage and where the general retail market engages. It is always the BEST 200 stocks in the market and so fundamentals for each individual stock are NOT critical. THERE ARE NO FUNDAMENTALS.

The Index is a map of people's fear and greed. If we know the predominant emotion we can trade the Index. Despite the Institutions best efforts, we know what they are thinking.

Why the Australian Index?

The Australian Index:

  • Operates in our time zone - you can trade and enjoy a social life.
  • Trades in $ AUD - you do not have constant currency issues.
  • Has easy to trade moments where the market consistently behaves in a known manner.
  • Is the first major market open in the world but wants to follow the world.

What Does the Day Trading Course Encompass?

The Day Trading Course is the most comprehensive trading course offered by Investor Centre. It is a complete course (including 12 months mentorship) designed for you to generate an income from the market by Day Trading.


  • Comprehensive cross-referenced Day Trading Notes
  • Expert Advisor for 12 Months

What Is Expert Advisor?

Expert Advisor is an advisory note issued at 9.00am EVERY TRADING DAY. It encompasses critical factors affecting the market for that day. It covers primary trades that can be deployed and expected ranges within the market direction. It nominates possible limits and stops and these trades are actually executed by our lead Analyst - Jody Elliss. He also includes a debrief of the previous day's trades and addresses both outcomes and market issues.

Money Management

One of the most critical factors is how much to trade. Day Trading uses the highly successful (400 Rule) employed by Trading Tigers to assist in growing your account. The 400 Rule allows you to make mistakes and learn without jeopardising your entire account. The Money management rules in Day Trading are tried and proven success strategies that will help control your fear and greed in the market and help you manage your successes and failures.