Portfolio Defender

Would an additional 20% return make a difference to your Portfolio?

Are you still using 19th century strategies in a 21st century market?

The Market has changed. The Old 'Buy & Hold' methodology of investing in the market has ceased to be effective in the last 12 years. There are new ways to trade and new facilities for investors that have not previously existed. The opportunities to protect your portfolio and profit from volatility are more immense and no longer just the realm of short-term traders.

Medium and long term investors now have the opportunity to make money from their portfolio in a sideways market and have capital gain through insurance in a falling market. You can tailor your insurance to suit an entire portfolio or individual shares.

Are you aware that:

  • Losses tend towards zero with correctly insured stocks.
  • You get paid to insure your stocks!
Portfolio Defender

How it Works

You can insure a stock, or group of stocks with a Contract for Difference (C.F.D.). The CFD can make money when the market goes up just like a stock. However, unlike a stock, you can make money when the market goes down! You even make money when the market goes sideways!



You own ANZ shares. The Market is going up and so you are experiencing capital growth. You have a long-term strategy that includes a dividend yield of about 5% per annum. The market then indicates that growth has ceased and ANZ has a potential to give back the recent capital growth. You INSURE by selling an equal number of ANZ CFD's to insure your position. If you were wrong and the market continues up, the cost of the CFD's is offset by the capital growth of the stock. If you were correct, any fall in the capital value of the stock in the short-term will be converted to cash while you still retain ownership of the stock.

The Trick

Obviously, knowing when to insure and when to cash in your insurance is critical to the simple example above. There are two (2) alternatives:

  • 1. Spend ten (10) years learning how to profile and successfully hedge each stock in the Australian market and become a master trader
  • 2. Buy PORTFOLIO DEFENDER developed by a group of master traders with an accumulative 50 years+ experience in the market.

Portfolio Defender individually profiles each stock that you ask it to access. It applies Advanced Computer Techniques, and artificial intelligence to create a probability profile for each individual stock based on its previous performance. Portfolio Defender accesses current market trends and seasonal behaviours in each stock. It identifies potential commodity and currency relationships and assigns and evaluates risk at the professional level.

Portfolio Defender will then access all the risks and potentials for each stock in your portfolio and make an insurance recommendation on each stock on an individual basis.

Portfolio defender will offer a recommendation for each individual stock:

AGGRESSIVE the stock is likely to rise - hold or acquire.

PASSIVE the stock is in a sideways or unknown direction.

DEFENSIVE or maintain an insurance strategy as this stock is potentially losing capital value.

Portfolio defender takes the guess work out of modern hedging and insuring. It's an opportunity to have portfolio performance at the PROFESSIONAL level with no fee's, charges, or additional costs.

Portfolio Defender

Portfolio Defender
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to deploy
  • Comes with an extensive manual and 1300 telephone support
  • Cost Effective
  • Losses tend towards zero
  • Increases your capital performance in any sideways or downward trend