Trading with IC-I Software

Jody Elliss will put the IC-Investor software through its paces on the current market. He will analyse the current market using many of the standard and advanced features of the IC-I software. He will also scan the market for opportunities to invest and trade using both SHORT and LONG strategies for trading stocks, options, and CFD’s. This highly informative session will identify current and future opportunities in the market place.

The lecture covers:

  • Basic Charting
  • Trend Lines
  • Time Lines & Cycles
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trading Stops
  • Trade Planning
  • Back Testing & System Testing
  • Indicator modifications
  • Technical Scanning
  • Fundamental Scanning
  • Elliss Big Money Index
  • Continuation Probability

The course is ideal for anyone who owns IC-Investor or is thinking of buying the software. Participants are invited to bring there notebook computers and participate in some of the exercises. However, there will be no opportunity for power or internet so participants will need a fully charged notebook (3hr) with up-to-date data if possible.

Participants will not be disadvantaged without a notebook as a full set of notes is provided for the evening.

At the end of the evening, participant’s should be able to have a grasp of many of the advanced features of IC-Investor and its ability to provide strategic analysis for investment and trading opportunities.

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