Global Tigers

In June 2019 we introduced the NEW Tigers (2) strategies to address upcoming conditions in changed markets for 2019/2020. The new strategies include:

  • NEW Stop Strategy (Profit Protection)
  • Wealth Accumulator Long
  • Wealth Accumulator Short
  • Volatility Cycle Trades
  • Seasonal Commodity Trades
  • Seasonal Currency Trades.
  • Increased trading in the US market.
  • Increased trading in the Seasonal UK and Asian markets
  • Tigers Trades Increase from approximately 25 to approximately 50 trades
Tigers was extremely successful from 2006 through 2010 – returning 100%+. After 2010 we enforced a guaranteed stop strategy using City Index. However, in 2017 and 2018 we saw spikes in the Australian market that managed to trigger stops that were otherwise winning trades. New models for Tigers allow for an enhanced stop strategy. It also heralds the return of an enhanced volatility cycle trade.

If these strategies had been deployed in 2018 Tigers trades would have gone from 28% return to 79% return.

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Global Tigers