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Event: Trading with IC-Investor
In 2019 the market is going to present some unique opportunities with our market currently trading at 2015 stock prices. Some domestic sectors and stocks are set to prosper while some international m more[...]
City:Brisbane, QLD
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Event: Day Trading
Index Trading can be used to generate an income from the market. Orders are easily positioned and executed, stops can be guaranteed, and we can use the Index in short or long time frames to trade in more[...]
City:Brisbane, QLD
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A week of dedicated trading to set you up for a more profitable 2019!

In 2016 a $10,000 trading account went to over $60,000.

However, some Day Traders struggled to replicate this result.

Primarily reasons were:

  1. Lack of Experience placing trades and orders.
  2. Psychology of winning and losing (Fear and Greed).
  3. Lack of conviction to trade.

Trading School will address these issues and cover the 2018 Day Trades. Attendees will be doing a LOT OF TRADING. A funded City Index account will be required.

You will:

  1. Have a day of theoretical day trades where you will practice looking at the market conditions required for each trade.
  2. A day of segment trades where your trading skills will be sharpened as you learn to place trades quickly and confidently including advanced hedge trades and ambush trades.
  3. Learn how to place S&P and FTSE trades as well as night market ambushes.
  4. Learn about the Seven year cycle and advanced Tigers methodologies.
  5. Psychology of trading - addressing the problems of consistent wins and consistent losses.
  6. Spread-sheeting your trades.

Participation is limited - please book to avoid disappointment.

This event may qualify as a tax deduction for you.

" href="">Event: Trading School 2019

Practice Practice Practice.

A week of dedicated trading to set you up for a more profitable 2019!

In 2016 a $10,00 more[...]
City:Brisbane, QLD
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