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Event: Trading with IC-Investor
City:Brisbane, QLD
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Event: Day Trading
City:Brisbane, QLD
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A week of dedicated trading to set you up for a more profitable 2020!

In 2019 a $10,000 trading account went to over $50,000.

However, some Day Traders struggled to replicate this result.

Primarily reasons were:

  1. Lack of Experience placing trades and orders.
  2. Psychology of winning and losing (Fear and Greed).
  3. Lack of conviction to trade.

Trading School will address these issues and cover the 2019 Day Trades. Attendees will be doing a LOT OF TRADING. A funded City Index account will be required.

You will:

  1. Have a day of theoretical day trades where you will practice looking at the market conditions required for each trade.
  2. A day of segment trades where your trading skills will be sharpened as you learn to place trades quickly and confidently including advanced hedge trades and ambush trades.
  3. Learn how to place S&P and FTSE trades as well as night market ambushes.
  4. Learn about the Seven year cycle and advanced Tigers methodologies.
  5. Psychology of trading - addressing the problems of consistent wins and consistent losses.
  6. Spread-sheeting your trades.

Participation is limited - please book to avoid disappointment.

This event may qualify as a tax deduction for you.

" href="">Event: Trading School

City:Brisbane, QLD
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What is Trading Tigers?


The Trading Tigers Mentoring Course looks at powerful Wealth Creation and Trading strategies using Index Futures. The two key instruments are the Australian Share Price Index Future of the Top 200 Index (SPI) and the US S&P 500 Index ( Emini S&P).

Index futures are unlike any other individual instrument such as stock options, commodities, or currencies. They are composed of the TOP performing stocks and they are regularly adjusted to maintain this balance. If an individual stock stops performing, it will be replaced with one that is performing. If commodities are rising rapidly, the indexes will be driven by rising commodities. If technology is booming, they will be driven by technology. They are ALWAYS powered by the best performing stocks in any sector. This removes the individual risk of trading a single stock or commodity.

Index Futures are heavily leveraged (a small amount of money controls a large amount of money in the market). This means that even slight oscillations in price will have a significant affect in the market. Just $2,500 (depending on your provider) controls more than $150,000 in Index Futures. This means that they will reward the informed trader and investor handsomely. BUT Index Futures will punish the uninformed and uneducated severely.

Trading Index Futures is NOT an easy task – otherwise everyone would do it. The short-term volatile nature of the Index Futures is enhanced by the fact that they trade almost 24 hours a day, six days a week! This can make surviving in this market a difficult task.

The Trading Tigers Course looks at powerful Wealth Creation and Ambush Trade strategies using Index Futures. Want to know more?




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