IC Investor

IC-Investor (IC-I) is a complete investment solution for the trader, investor and DIY Superfund manager.

It is designed to have simple functionality for the novice computer user and is still a comprehensive trading and investment package for the most advanced user. It offers you the security, speed and reliability of a standalone software package installed on your own PC.

IC-I is a comprehensive software package that includes charting, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and portfolio management.


IC-Investor Demo

Unique Features of IC-Investor:

  • Elliss BIG Money Index & Barometer
  • Continuation Probability
  • Performance Scanner
  • Author Tools: Allan Hull, Jim Berg and Alexander Elder
  • Auto Trend, Channels, Resistance Lines
  • Auto Fibonacci Projection
  • Trade Planner
  • Trading Workbook (Day Traders only)

IC Investor Feature List

Happy IC-Investor Clients

  • I have been investing and trading since the early_80's, and over that time I have tried a number of different software packages. It was not until I discovered IC-I in late 2003 however, that I found ONE package that completely answered all my needs.

    - Don Odgers. TAFE Stock Market Educator & Trader

  • It makes a big difference to me as a broker when I deal with professionals. Clients using Investor Centre's IC-Investor have their trades planned and ready to execute. They are fast tracking their education to this level, giving them a big advantage in the market.

    - Pete Bell. Head of Futures Halifax

  • Traders today need every edge that they can get in the markets. With IC-I, I can program every aspect of my trading system into the software, and let the computer do all of the hard work for me. It is quick and simple to use and understand, and most importantly - accurate. This leaves me more time to concentrate on my open positions, market developments, and of course, honing my trading system.

    - Carl Capolingua. Head of Trading & Research for Australian Stock Report

  • As a professional derivatives trader and educator, I need a software package that really performs. That's why I choose and recommend the IC-Investor Software. The derivatives features of the software are second to none and the portfolio manager is a must have!

    - P Warwick - Financial Planner NSW

  • It doesn't matter if you're a trader or an investor - this is a 'must have' package for making and managing your money in the market.

    - Glen van Ooran. Author of Derivatives Trading

  • I trade CFD's and Forex on a daily basis. My trading profits have increased dramatically with the IC-Optimiser add-on.

    - E Pickard. Derivatives Trader

  • The program paid for itself in its first year just by reducing my accountants' charges! The program cost was even tax deductible!

    - J Ferguson (retired). DIY Fund manager QLD

  • I was worried that I would never be able to operate a computer, let alone learn to trade the market, but I was up and planning my first trade in under an hour.

    - R Prescott (retired). Part- time Investor & Full-time Grandmother QLD

  • Having used Market Analyst, I found ICI to be a more comprehensive program that filled my needs with fundamentals, easy to-use technical's, and a portfolio manager second to none. The program is comprehensive and great value for money.

    - E Pickard. Derivatives Trader

  • I have Metastock, Market Analyst AND Stock Doctor. I just bought IC-I for the Portfolio Manager. Now I find it is the only package I ever use!

    - J Collins. Trader NSW

  • Investor Centre - You Rock! This is the best software I have ever used, and I have used a few!

    - P. Gallow. CFD Trader QLD